Questions about pricing and value for the College Application Workshop?

We recognize the need for parents to understand the value behind a service’s cost. We spend a lot of time carefully making decisions about pricing. Our paramount concern is that every experience goes beyond your expectations.

A few key things to understand:

  1. At The Core has high professional standards for our level of quality and dedication to you. Families expect and receive a high caliber of support from us. Our essay expert gets rave reviews from the students.
  2. The workshop’s cost covers support for the rest of the summer, via our proactive communication with you (weekly exclusive e-newsletter) AND via your ability to reach out with follow-up questions to our Family Liaison.
  3. Our team makes a significant investment to stay up to date on the latest news in college admissions. The landscape keeps changing (ChatGPT, test optional, ACT/SAT overall, shifting requirements from colleges, etc.). We keep up with all of that in order to guide the students in the workshops well. We have to update/create content to ensure details are spot-on because you’re counting on that from us.
  4. We limit the number of students in each workshop to foster interaction, ensure questions are answered, provide personalized attention, etc.
  5. In addition to the live workshop instructions, discussions, and demonstrations, each workshop participant receives a ton of supportive information (emails, articles, worksheets, videos, etc.) before and after the workshop.
  6. This type of concierge service goes above and beyond what you will find elsewhere. The vast majority of schools are unable to provide this type of support—in a timely manner if ever at all.