• At The Core was founded to serve students as they prepare to
    make the very important decisions that surround their
    transition from high school to their future.



Most students have NO clue (or a vague or somewhat misguided clue) of what careers exist and which may be a good fit for them

Guided Self Assessment


At The Core’s Private Consultation service fills that need. The meeting’s content is driven by YOU…what do you need to talk about?

“This process was very beneficial and definitely has directed me into my areas of interest and has left me more confident with the process of figuring out the correct career for me.”

S.C. Student
S.C. Student

“I’m feeling much more confident about helping our sophomore after attending this session. So many questions answered and tips given!”

S.M., Parent
S.M., Parent

“By taking simple questions and going so in depth, At The Core was able to recognize things I had never thought of before.”

M.E., Powell, OH
M.E., Powell, OH




Smart Money Moves for the College Bound

Paying for College: What's in it for them?

Paying for college is complicated! Needs, grants, merit aid,…

Choosing a college major

The problems with passion and online assessments As parents…

Preparing for the ACT and SAT

Understanding college entrance exams, 6 tips you need to know,…


We are frequently asked to help….families know we are connected to resources that they may need.
To serve you well, we’ve created these info-packed pages for you.

See the helpful links to a wide variety of topics for families of college-bound students.

ACT and SAT Information
Tips for college entrance exam testing.

Friends of At The Core
Helpful outside resources to share with our At The Core family…

College-Bound Video Series
Though not a substitute for what you’d learn at a live event, we’ve created short video clips of college-bound topics.

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At The Core  @GetAtTheCore
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At The Core  @GetAtTheCore
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At The Core  @GetAtTheCore
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The Founder

As a teen, At The Core founder Beth Probst needed help. College was around the corner and she was not confident about picking a major and college…