• ‘Tis the season! We’ve gathered some of our favorite gift ideas for your teens and young adults.

All of us at At The Core send our best wishes to your family and friends for a wonderful holiday season filled with love and laughter!

How about some stocking stuffer ideas?

Zoom ready

LOTS of different designs

Stylish stylus

Selfie light

Would you

Make every
day different

For school

For chocolate

New drivers

Th_s B__k”

Taking your
coffee to go

You gotta’

Always a favorite

“You are enough”
Key chain

Do you want to
build a snowman?

Scribble with style

Itty bitty
art work

For the creative…
36 gel pen set

More power

Pet lovers

Your teen can take their beloved animals with them to college with a custom pet pillow!

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Keep scrolling for more ideas…

Gift ideas for your hard to shop for teen…

It’s 2020…we need to throw stuff

Boxing ball

Reusable straws for

Portable bluetooth speaker for music lover

Lighting project

Tervis tumblers
Lots of designs

Stay warm – Part 1

Stay warm – Part 2

For the coffee lover
Fits anywhere

Fuzzy blanket
(several colors)

Travel bag (17 colors)

Long distance friendship lamps

Ultimate family game

150 snacks! (50 count option too)

Sherpa, blanket, sweatshirt–YES!

Car decor

Unicorns and destruction…what fun!

Towel set (bundle with laundry basket)

For snuggly feet and toasty toes

OMG (“officially mindless garbage”)…sticky notes

Professional Future

While in gift giving mode, consider a truly impactful, personal gift for your child or grandchild (grades 10 & up)…Guided Self Assessment

Our unique, in-depth process supports your child as they identify potential careers and college majors. Give your hard to shop for teen the rare opportunity to dig deep into their strengths, values, skills, traits, and preferences as they make the important decisions around their future.

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Gift cards are always a hit!

Buy less stuff – Opt for family trip or activity – We know COVID-19 will hamper this option. Perhaps, do some detailed planning for a future trip?

How about a subscription?

And just for fun…try this family game this holiday. Enjoy! 😉

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