High School Educational Opportunities

High School Educational Opportunities: So Many Choices

I remember my junior and senior years in high school. We had a few electives to choose from, but we were pretty much just taking “the next class” on the pre-planned college prep curriculum. Our high school educational opportunities were limited to college prep, high school graduate, or vo-tech.

Oh, how things have changed. Our kids can access some really amazing options during high school – stuff like way-cool electives, Advanced Placement (AP), International Baccalaureate (IB), opportunities to earn college credit through Ohio’s College Credit Plus (your state may call it dual enrollment), and career-centered electives (medicine, engineering, computers, veterinary science, etc.) that go much deeper into an area of interest.

(Our Tips for the College-Bound program explains ALL the options available today and the planning needed to take advantage of them. Click to read about “Tips” and upcoming dates for this program.)

One important option you need to be thinking about is the career-centered electives available at today’s career tech schools!

I love the career-centered electives that are offered through your Career Tech school. I hear some of you now….”My kid is heading to college after high school, not directly into a career.” Or, “I remember vo-tech schools from when I grew up. Career Tech is not for my child.”

Trust me – times have changed! College-bound high school students benefit greatly from a career-centered program during their junior and senior years.

We’ve met students at our local career tech schools with off-the-chart grades, taking AP coursework back at their home high school, AND earning amazing career experience during the school day. (Imagine those college applications!)

What can you do to learn more about all of these career-centered options?

It’s likely you haven’t heard much about these career-centered options. If you have a 6th-10th grade student, please plan to attend an upcoming “coffee chat” to learn more. We’ll focus on the programs at the Delaware Area Career Center (DACC) and Tolles—what they are, how they work, how they integrate with other high school coursework, etc.

Past attendees were so grateful for the information. Many felt they would have never learned about the engineering, health tech, IT, etc. options available without this chat.

Not in a district served by Tolles or a district served by DACC? Please feel free to attend. All students in Ohio can access a school like Tolles/DACC (see full list here), and they all are fairly similar preparing students for college and exciting careers.

Grab your seat today for some coffee and conversation with school representatives to learn about these options. Click to RSVP.

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