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How to Prepare for the College Interview

You’ve applied to your favorite colleges. Maybe a few require a face-to-face interview. How do you prepare for the college interview? Need some advice? Former college intern and Guided Self Assessment alumna, Kristina Zhang, put together this great information based on her experiences with the college interview process: Attire: Interviews are usually pretty laid back. […]

Volunteering in High School: National Honor Society? Graduation Requirement?

Volunteering in high school provides so many benefits: helping others, exploring interests expanding experiences building self confidence activities on college applications and on and on. We all know the benefits of service hours, but what about the nitty gritty? When does my student need volunteer hours? How much volunteer time is enough? How do we […]

Helping your high school student be prepared for the job market of tomorrow

Labor in America. The careers of yesterday, today and tomorrow. We think about this stuff ALL the time. And someday soon, your student will finish their formal education and get a job. In today’s world, graduating from college does not guarantee a job or may lead to underemployment. The overall percentage of recent college graduates […]

Navigating the High-Speed World of High School and College

Stepping into the high school years is like entering a moving walkway at the airport. At first, it’s a little awkward…unsteady…and it’s moving really fast. Add in the other things you see and hear—signs, announcements, people you pass, people passing you—all while managing your bags and phone. High school is like that: lots going on, […]

Top 8 Reasons You Need Our College Planning Workshop

At The Core has shared our college planning workshop, Tips for the College-Bound™,  with thousands of families since 2014. Why? Parents told us that they needed information from a trusted resource to guide them through high school and on to college. We knew we could help so we bottled up all we could share into […]