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Finding Private Scholarships

At The Core is excited to bring you this finding private scholarships guest blog from Joe Messinger, CFP®, co-founder of Capstone Wealth Partners. Joe is a leading authority on late-stage college funding. He frequently speaks to organizations and parent groups. He is also a highly regarded thought leader in the financial planning community, frequently speaking at […]

Finding a College to Meet Your Needs

We can make the whole high-school-to-college process really complicated! The truth? Finding a college is kind of this simple: Pick some colleges Apply WAIT (the worst step!) Decide Pay Go to college Doesn’t sound too bad, right?! But when it’s time to move from #3 to #4, the student can get paralyzed. Here they are […]

How to Prepare for the College Interview

You’ve applied to your favorite colleges. Maybe a few require a face-to-face interview. How do you prepare for the college interview? Need some advice? Former college intern and Guided Self Assessment alumna, Kristina Zhang, put together this great information based on her experiences with the college interview process: Attire: Interviews are usually pretty laid back. […]

Volunteering in High School: National Honor Society? Graduation Requirement?

Volunteering in high school provides so many benefits: helping others, exploring interests expanding experiences building self confidence activities on college applications and on and on. We all know the benefits of service hours, but what about the nitty gritty? When does my student need volunteer hours? How much volunteer time is enough? How do we […]