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High School Seniors: Making a College Decision in the Time of COVID-19

Spring of 2020 has been unprecedented. The impact of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) has forced all of us to make changes in every aspect of our lives. Our high school seniors were quickly faced with gut-wrenching realities. In addition to the potential cancellation of things like prom and graduation, college campuses have closed. End of year […]

In the News: Changes to the ACT Exam

In October 2019, ACT dropped a bombshell in the world of college entrance testing. Starting in September 2020, students will be able to retake individual sections of the exam. NEVER, EVER has this been allowed before. Students who have already taken the whole ACT exam at least once will be able to retake a single […]

Parenting Teens: Friends, Motivation, and Independence

We knew our families have specific parenting questions, so this week we are thrilled to share this guest blog with you, Parenting Teens: Friends, Motivation, and Independence, from Natalie Chubb, of Powell Family Counseling. Natalie is a Licensed Professional Counselor working with families, adults, adolescents, and children coping with challenges such as anxiety, depression, relationships, […]

Free College? Consider the US Military Academies

Not many colleges in the United States can claim to be free, but if your student is the right fit, one of the United States military academies could be an amazing bargain including tuition, room, and board. (Of course, all graduates will fulfill a post-graduation service requirement of at least five years as commissioned officers.) […]