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College Application Deadlines – When Is It Due Anyway?

COVID-19 Update: The Class of 2021 needs to pay careful attention to college application deadlines in these current times. Some colleges are delaying deadlines used in the past to allow for testing to take place. Always refer to the college’s website for the application and scholarship application deadlines. Some in the world of college admissions […]

State of Ohio Graduation Requirements: Demonstrating Readiness with Diploma Seals

Ohio high school graduation requirements have several facets that students need to complete including fulfilling curriculum requirements, meeting competency requirements, and demonstrating readiness for the steps after school in order to receive their diploma. For the classes of 2021 and 2022, you can find the details here. For the classes of 2023 and below, you […]

Help! Gap Year Programs Are Expensive

Recently, Harvard announced that 340 first year students requested deferment–20% of the normal class size. At the University of Massachusetts meanwhile, only 1.2% have asked for a gap year. At first glance, it appears that elite universities may see higher gap year deferment numbers that other colleges. In this time of COVID-19, more parents are […]

Merit Scholarships in a Time of COVID-19

Families pay close attention to the merit aid provided by colleges–as they should! Scholarships offered directly by colleges make up the largest share of scholarship money available to students. Most of the time, these scholarships are awarded based on GPA and ACT/SAT test scores. This year because seniors have had a hard time getting a […]

COVID-19: The latest news impacting our college-bound kids

These are strange times to be sure! We wanted to have a place where we can share the latest COVID-19 news related to changes in the high school/college landscape. The situation is fluid. We’ll use this blog post to include frequent updates as we learn of them. Keep scrolling to read about how At The […]

Reading and Understanding Your College Bill

At The Core is excited to be sharing a new blog post from Malea Hornback, CFP®, of Wealth Planning Corporation to help families read and understand their child’s college bill. Located in Cincinnati, Wealth Planning Corporation has been a private, independent wealth management company since 1984. WPC is a fee-only SEC Registered Investment Advisor, avoiding […]