High-speed world of high school

Navigating the High-Speed World of High School and College

Stepping into the high school years is like entering a moving walkway at the airport. At first, it’s a little awkward…unsteady…and it’s moving really fast. Add in the other things you see and hear—signs, announcements, people you pass, people passing you—all while managing your bags and phone. High school is like that: lots going on, most of it is important, and stuff is flying by. Welcome to the high-speed world of high school!

What can you do?

You’ve got to get the information you need NOW so you can help plan for what’s coming with less stress. You’ve got to connect with a trusted resource. (For many of you, that’s a role we fill.) Find your way to be organized and ready to handle that moving walkway at a comfortable stroll.

It can feel scary and uncomfortable – we totally get that! Our best wisdom? Take a moment now to do the right thing to help your family…schedule a Private Consultation.

We see the stress on parents’ faces as they enter a consultation and the relief as they leave with the plan and resources to move ahead with confidence.

Really? One hour? Yep. (Well, seniors get 90 minutes.)

The families we meet with are smart people—they know that high school and college has changed since they went, but not HOW it’s changed. They need the Cliffs Notes® injection–the boost of information crafted just for their family. They need plenty of time for questions, too.

This is one of our most popular services. Grab a Private Consultation for your family. (We offer them in person in the Columbus area as well as via online technology for those across the US.)

Slow down your walkway to a manageable speed.

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