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What Will I Do When I Grow Up?

For those with students in grades 10 and up, each year speeds up dramatically. Soon it will be time to start the college application process. Why should our kids be thinking “what will I do when I grow up?” at this point in their lives–when they are still in high school?!

College… Major… Career…How will they decide?

When we went to college, we had:

  • Less pressure to figure this out – as college grads, we’d be in demand.
  • Less cost for the college education – staying an extra unexpected year was manageable.
  • Less pressure on our college choice – just going to college was the most important thing and getting in was a whole lot easier than it is today.

Today’s students are faced with multiple dilemmas:

What’s a student to do?

Today’s student is best served having a firm grasp of what makes them tick—what are their strengths, interests, values, skills, strongest traits, preferences, etc. This knowledge allows them to:

  • Take high school classes that explore and expand on their strengths.
  • Seek experiences while in high school to engage their interests.
  • Create a strong list of colleges skilled at teaching what the student wants to learn.
  • Have confidence in themselves and their abilities as they make the decisions ahead of them.

Do you hope that your kids head to college with a confident plan?

Hope is not enough. We created Guided Self Assessment as an engaged and sustained program to work with each student as they discover their path. Through a series of private, one-on-one conversations between the student and the trained At The Core facilitator, your student is given the gift of time and attention to work towards their own self-knowledge. The facilitator will also support that student as they begin their career research and conduct a first informational interview.

Guided Self Assessment will get them closer to answering the “what do I want to be” question and provide them with a solid footing to succeed in their future college and career.

To fully understand the Guided Self Assessment process, please schedule a FREE 30-minute family meeting to see how the process works and view a sample report. These meetings are purely informative and not gross or salesy – won’t even let students sign up until after your family gets to process all we’ve discussed.

Don’t rely on hope alone. Please take 30-minutes to find out more. This tool can be the key for a smoother college experience.

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