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ACT/SAT/PSAT: The Ultimate Family Planning Guide (Grades: 7 - 11)


Testing! ACT, SAT, PSAT, digital exams, test optional movement, merit scholarships…testing is BY FAR the one topic we field the most questions about. Testing causes unnecessary stress not only for the student, but also for the parent.

With a plan in hand and knowledge on your side, you can reduce that stress and be ready for what’s ahead! Join Beth Probst, founder and CEO of At The Core, as she takes a deep dive into college entrance exams.

INTENDED AUDIENCE: Parents and Students (families with limited or no testing experience) – Grades 7-11

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Webinar topics include:

  • The who, what, when, why, where, & how of ACT/SAT testing
  • How are they different
  • Which is right for your student
  • What exactly is “test-optional” and how do we navigate that option
  • Developing a testing plan – tips on when & how often to take them
  • How to register and report scores
  • The latest news & future plans from the testing agencies
  • PSAT overview
  • Our favorite test prep tips

What Do Parents Need to Know About College Credit Plus? (Grades: 6 - 11)

College Credit Plus

We field MANY questions about College Credit Plus, Ohio’s dual enrollment program. Let us help you get up to speed on how it works with our FREE webinar.

INTENDED AUDIENCE: Ohio parents and students – grades 6-11

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Topics covered include:

  • What is College Credit Plus exactly?!
  • What type of classes can you take?
  • What is the process if we decide to enroll in CCP?
  • How do you qualify for CCP?

As parents ourselves, we know firsthand that the choices our kids have during high school are complex. Take the time NOW to really get clear on College Credit Plus.

This program will share information about the College Credit Plus program in Ohio. For information on how CCP compares to AP and IB classes, please consider registering for our “High School Scheduling: A Deep Dive into the Options” program.

College & Career Coffee Chats (Grades: 6 - 10 plus grade 11 at DACC)

Coffee Chats

Today’s students have many paths to careers they will love. Learn how these “super elective” career-tech programs enhance your child’s portfolio of experiences for college and career in these free coffee chats.


Delaware Area Career Center

Serves Olentangy, Big Walnut, Buckeye Valley, Delaware, Westerville, and Worthington districts

Eastland-Fairfield Career & Technical Schools

Serves 16 school districts in Franklin, Fairfield, and Pickaway counties including Amanda-Clearcreek, Berne Union, Bloom-Carroll, Fairfield Union, Liberty Union-Thurston, Walnut Township, New Albany, Gahanna, Groveport, Pickerington, and Reynoldsburg.

Great Oaks Career Campuses

Serves 36 different school districts including Mason, Sycamore, Forest Hills, Loveland, Clinton Massie, Indian Hill, Wyoming, Fairfield, Miami Trace, Milford, Norwood, Princeton, and West Clermont.

Tolles Career and Technical Center

Serves Dublin, Fairbanks, Hilliard, Jefferson, Jonathan Alder, London, and Madison-Plains districts.

Looking Ahead: Planning for Success in High School and Beyond (Grade 8)

Looking Ahead

Parents of 8th graders (CLASS OF 2027),

You have been invited to watch a unique, valuable, and FREE webinar to support your student as they transition to high school. Each year this presentation is wildly popular. You won’t want to miss it! Beth Probst, founder and CEO of At The Core, has crafted a presentation of tips and tools to help you prepare your student for high school and the road ahead.

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Topics will include:

  • a timeline of what you can expect each year in high school
  • choosing courses and an overview of all the options available (honors classes, AP & IB classes, College Credit Plus/dual enrollment, etc.)
  • the value of pre-planning – keeping college prep and graduation requirements in mind
  • extracurriculars that support your student
  • achieving the balance needed for success in the long run
  • ACT/SAT testing – a 10,000 foot level look to get that thinking started
  • how parents can support their maturing students
  • and more!

Heads Up! Assessment and Career Exploration for Younger Teens (Grades 7 - 9)

Heads Up

An introduction to career research and self assessment!

July Event – Two session, in-person workshop at Ohio University’s Dublin Campus:

  • Session I – STUDENT ONLY: Monday, July 24 – 6:00 to 8:00 pm (Rm 243)
    Session II – STUDENT AND PARENT: Thursday, July 27 – 6:00 to 8:00 pm (Rm 245)

What is Heads Up?

An enlightening and fun career-minded workshop for students in the middle grades (GRADES 7, 8, & 9)! All activities help students properly prepare for high school and beyond.

Each workshop is two hours per day, two days in each session. Workshop dates are separated by a number of days to accommodate homework. The workshop includes small group, individual, and whole group activities.

Topics covered will include:

  • Self assessment – the importance of tracking your strengths, values, and preferences
  • Career investigation – how to evaluate and learn about potential careers and tie personal traits to real jobs
  • Planning for high school and beyond – Based on your child’s strengths, interests, and preferences, we will share key considerations for the family to create a high school plan to meet their goals

What age student is right for this workshop? The workshop will work best for students age 11 to 15 in seventh, eighth, and ninth grades. Cost of the two-session workshop is $185.

Why College? Career/Major Thinking for Teens (Grades 8 - 12)

Why College

Why does anyone go to college? We often hear “to get a better job.” However, so many teens embark on the college search process without taking time to consider careers and majors–the two things that should be driving the process. What do you need to know right now, while your teen is still in high school? There are steps parents can take to help their teens with career and major decisions which are right around the corner.

INTENDED AUDIENCE: Parents and Students – Grade 8-12

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Those watching on demand can share their quick questions with us via email.

Join At The Core Founder and CEO Beth Probst and Human Resources Trainer at Columbus State Community College and At The Core facilitator Taylor Slocum for this FREE, thought-provoking discussion.

Webinar topics include:

  • How can a student really learn about CAREERS and tie them to college MAJORS?
  • A demonstration of websites to learn about careers and advice on when to use them
  • Evaluation of the interests, traits, and values of a teen which can lead to a mindful career search
  • Tips we can share from our work with teens and families
  • Lots of resources and tools your family will value

The College Planning Guide for 8-10th Graders (Grades 8 - 10)

College Planning Guide

How do families start to think about college planning? Beth Probst, founder and CEO of At The Core, has crafted a FREE program of tips and tools to share with you to help your student prepare for the journey to college and beyond. We will discuss practical, invaluable information that will help any family plan effectively!


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Topics will include:

  • What colleges are looking for in their applicants
  • The application process
  • What students should consider when choosing high school courses (AP, IB, Dual Enrollment)
  • Preparing for the ACT/SAT exams
  • How to choose a major
  • What families can be doing now to prepare
  • And so much more!

Spend 90 minutes gaining the knowledge you need to tackle the journey to college with CONFIDENCE AND CLARITY.

College Research: Conducting an Effective Search with Online Tools (Grades 8 - 12)

Making a list of “just right” colleges to apply to can be overwhelming. Have you ever gotten lost on the internet trying to research schools? Don’t waste time wandering the internet looking for college info. Let Beth Probst, founder and CEO of At The Core, share tips with you and your student in this valuable training demonstration.

INTENDED AUDIENCE: Parents and Students – Grade 8-12

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In our program, you will learn:

  • How do you make a college list?
  • What are the selection criteria you need to be thinking about?
  • How does your choice of major impact your search?
  • How can you keep your family’s budget in mind when doing the search?
  • Tips for successful college visits whether in person or virtually.

In this one-of-a-kind webinar, Beth will walk you through her four favorite online tools, how and when to use them, and why she chose each one. We’ll also give you a heads up on which sites are a waste of your time.

Extracurriculars: Supporting Your Teen’s Growth Outside of School (Grades 8 - 11)


When parents are looking for that “secret sauce” for college applications, they often have questions about extracurriculars. How many do we need? Are some better than others? What are colleges looking for? (By the way, there is no “secret sauce”–just a well-laid plan that fits your child.) This webinar answers those questions and also goes deeper into how time spent in extracurricular activities can fuel your child’s personal, academic, mental, and social development.

INTENDED AUDIENCE: Parents and Students – Grade 8-11

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This recording is for the exclusive use of your family and may not be shared.

Join Beth Probst, founder and CEO of At The Core, for valuable insight into:

  • Types of extracurriculars
  • Why engage in them
  • How time spent in these activities will support growth
  • What colleges are looking for
  • Finding a good fit for extracurriculars
  • Developing “leadership”

This information is important for every college-bound student to understand as they make choices related to how they use their non-school time. Students seeking admission to highly selective colleges will want to research how their target colleges view extracurriculars and what elements they are most interested in seeing on an application. There is no focused teaching about applying to highly selective colleges in this program.

High School Scheduling: A Deep Dive Into the Options (Grades 8 - 11)

High School Scheduling

High school scheduling is around the corner. Students often aren’t aware or don’t fully understand the myriad of options available to them. As a parent, you want to provide them with good advice about their choices. You have questions:

How can you support your child? (With knowledge! We can help.) What are all the options available? (There are more than you might think.) How do colleges view the classes your child takes? How can you help your child achieve balance between their school life and everything else?

INTENDED AUDIENCE: Parents and students grades 8-11. Younger parents/students may be ready for this info, and they are welcome, too.

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This recording is for the exclusive use of your family and may not be shared. The recording will be available until 3/31/23.

Join Beth Probst, founder and CEO of At The Core LLC, for a deep, 90-minute dive into these topics:

  • Graduation requirements
  • Defining the options (AP, IB, Dual Enrollment, foreign languages, honors, electives, academies, and more)
  • Pros and cons of each
  • Which is best for your student? How to help them choose?
  • Planning out all four years–the stuff you HAVE to do and the stuff you GET to do
  • The importance of balance and how to achieve it
  • How do colleges view these choices? How is college credit awarded for HS classes?
  • And more (including honors diplomas, OH diploma seals, & GPA calculation)

This webinar builds upon what you’ll learn from your high school’s scheduling information session. We have the luxury of time and can go deeper.

So join us as we crack open those course catalogs and open up the world of options available to your student.

Junior Year: What to Do and How to Do It (Grade 11)

Junior Year

You have a junior! As you enter the second half of your child’s junior year, those critical “college prep” tasks loom large, but you might feel lost, overwhelmed or uncertain. Join us to get that boost you need to understand and tackle the tasks ahead! In this webinar, we’ll lay it all out for your family, and we’ll direct you to the resources you will value.

INTENDED AUDIENCE: Parents and Students – Grade 11/Class of 2024 (This is intended for families who weren’t able to attend our “Junior Year” program this past fall)

HOW TO WATCH? Complete this form to request access (family ticket price $29)

This recording is for the exclusive use of your family and may not be shared. The recording will be available until 3/31/23.

Next summer, your student will start their college applications. What should you be doing now? Beth Probst, founder and CEO of At The Core, will outline the year ahead.

Let’s get you started with an overview of:

  • Tasks & timeline for the year ahead
  • College research (including visits, search criteria, etc.)
  • ACT/SAT/PSAT and test-optional
  • 504/IEP considerations
  • College applications (components, selection criteria, & more)
  • COVID-19’s impact to the process ahead
  • Careers & majors, paying for college, & more!

College Student or College-Bound? Know Your Legal Rights (and Wrongs!) (Grades 11-12)

How to Find and Prepare for Internships in College (Grades 11 - 12)


As parents of college-bound students, we know several things:

  • Competition for jobs after college is fierce.
  • Our students need to find a way to stand out from all the other grads in their major.
  • Internship (and co-op) work experience is so important for students.
  • Those experiences enhance their resume and teach them invaluable skills.

But how can we guide our students to successfully find those internships in college?

Join Beth Probst, Founder and CEO of At The Core, for an eye-opening program about internships. Families often think that someone at the college will do the heavy lifting to help their students find these experiences. We know from experience that isn’t always the case, and we want you to have the information we can share.

INTENDED AUDIENCE: Anyone interested in knowing more about how students seek and secure internships DURING COLLEGE. NOTE: we will only cover the process for internships that require some college experience.

HOW TO WATCH? Complete this form to request access (family ticket price $29)

This recording is for the exclusive use of your family and may not be shared. The recording will be available until 3/31/23.

Topics will include:

  • The who, what, when, where, and why of internships and co-ops in college
  • Tips and examples of how to search and find them
  • What is the process once solid postings are found? We’ll discuss applications, resumes and cover letters, interviews, correspondence, offers and much more.
  • A slew of other topics – paid vs unpaid, earning college credit, etc.

Ready for Launch: Pathways to In-Demand Careers After Graduation (Grades 11 - 12)


High school graduation is right around the corner for many seniors in Ohio. Does your senior need help figuring out what to do AFTER graduation? Are they interested in quickly gaining the skills necessary to fulfill the in-demand, well-paid jobs that exist in Ohio right now?

Join us for an important discussion on how today’s students can fast track their success using postsecondary education options after high school right in your area – at an Ohio Technical Center. All career technical programs are built on direct ties to business and industry. The skills a student learns can be immediately put to use!

INTENDED AUDIENCE: Parents of 11th & 12th graders in Ohio thinking about their student’s future AFTER high school (although all are welcome!)

HOW TO WATCH? Complete this form to request access (free)

Join representatives from Ohio Technical Centers and At The Core for an informative 90-minute webinar to learn about powerful and exciting opportunities for graduating seniors including the adult programs at Ohio’s Technical Centers.

Virtual Scholarship Party for High School Seniors (Grade 12)


This year’s scholarship parties have passed.
Stay tuned for new events for the Class of 2024 in December 2023.

Do you need to motivate your student to search and apply for private scholarships? Well, join the party! They bring the snacks, and we’ll bring the party.

We know seniors have lost much of their motivation to tackle any more college tasks. Students have more fun when they can do things together. Getting started is half the battle.

We created this virtual party to provide a way to get started–and have some fun doing it!

INTENDED AUDIENCE: High school seniors (seating is limited to encourage interaction)

In this 90-minute interactive party, your student will learn the who, what, why, how, when, and where of scholarships. The $59 registration includes the party and follow up resources. They will:

  • Get a solid understanding of the scholarship process
  • Learn how to identify scholarships they qualify for
  • Learn how to apply
  • Start applying! We had students identifying dozens of scholarships to apply for DURING last year’s parties.
  • They may even win a prize!

Your party hostess won’t just be lecturing about scholarships. We have crafted an interactive event so students will get busy on their computers actually doing the exploration. They will be glad they came.

Scholarships aren’t just for straight “A” students or stellar athletes! Students will discover how to seek out scholarships based on things like college, major, and their qualifications and connections.

Smart Money Moves for the College-Bound (Grades 6 - 12)

Smart Money

Joe Messinger, CFP®, of Capstone Wealth Partners is passionate about empowering families to become informed consumers of higher education so that they don’t pay a penny more for college than they absolutely have to. He works with families to help demystify the college funding process and is widely recognized as an expert in college planning.

INTENDED AUDIENCE: Parents grades 6 & up

All registrants receive the webinar recording.

He will answer parents biggest questions about college:

  • Where can we get into college?
  • Where can we get the most financial aid and scholarship money?
  • What strategies are available to me if I make too much money to qualify for financial aid?
  • What colleges can we afford based on our personal resources?
Stay tuned for more program dates!

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