Our Mission Statement and What It Means for You

Way back in the early days of At The Core, our team of professionals brainstormed a mission statement during a team meeting. We had large pieces of paper taped up all over the walls and hashed it out. In the end, we focused in on this concise statement of our daily goal:

Empowering families with the knowledge and tools to tackle high school, college, and career planning with confidence and clarity.

It can be summed up in even less words: We want to help.

We know this mission resonates with many of you because you let us know that (and thank you).

At The Core was born to help students make better, more informed decisions at the end of high school—specifically connecting what they knew about themselves with future careers.

Over the years, we listened to the needs of our families, and we saw other ways to help. Much of that help comes to you in the form of free information and support in our educational programs, our newsletter, social media accounts, blog articles, and website resources. (Hello, we like FREE!)

Our tree continued to grow new branches as we addressed other needs with deeper dive programming into specific topics like testing, junior year planning, internships, etc. as well as workshops for the middle grades, rising seniors, and grads preparing to head off to college. Private Consultations were created to empower families with customized answers to their planning questions.

Today, we continue to be alert for areas where families need help.

We spend countless hours staying up to speed on developments in the world of college planning, career exploration, high school options, career technical education, ACT/SAT testing, etc.

We make ourselves available for quick phone calls (614-404-0646), emails, website chats, etc.

Everything we do comes back to helping you because, let’s face it, navigating the high school path beside our teenagers can be confusing and complicated. You often need a hand…a chance to ask someone the questions on your mind.

We want you to feel empowered.

We want you to have the knowledge and tools you need.

We want your child to proceed with confidence and clarity on this journey to work they will love.

We want to help.

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