How Do You Get Internships in College?

If you have followed At The Core for any time at all, you know we are HUGE proponents of experiential learning in college (co-ops, internships, work experience, study abroad, research, volunteer work, etc.).

Recent studies show that:

  • Paid internships are linked to getting paid more after graduation
  • Work-based learning is tied to non-economic post-graduation success
  • Among current students, paid internships are linked with greater confidence they will be successful in the job market and confidence in the value of their education

All work experiences (paid or unpaid) gained by college students are vital in today’s work environment to land that first job.

We wanted to share this one quick but important thought with you.

Make sure your student understands that these internships, co-ops, etc. will not magically fall into their laps. Sometimes parents and students are disappointed that colleges don’t do more to support their students to help find these opportunities (and maybe they should).

However, most colleges will treat students as the adults they are and expect them to do the leg work–just like they will have to do when they graduate and look for their first job. These skills (job-seeking, interviewing and resume preparation) will be used again and again throughout their professional careers.

As parents, we can prepare students now by:

  • setting their expectations
  • helping them to understand what a job search and application process will look like
  • searching for some job postings now for internships in your student’s career field of interest to see examples
  • taking advantage of job fairs on campus
  • learning about preparing a resume and cover letter
  • visiting your college’s Career Services office early and often.

These college experiential learning engagements are so worth the hard work to land them!

For a deep dive into how to find internships in college, be sure to check out our webinar “How to Find and Prepare for Internships in College.”

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