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Why does your student need the College Application Workshop?

Every year, At The Core hosts a very popular College Application Workshop during the summer for rising seniors. If you aren’t familiar with it, you can read more about the details of what we cover here.

In a nutshell, we teach your student – in JUNE – everything they need to know to craft a successful college application package, and we continue to provide support (and motivation) throughout the summer to complete these tasks.

Some of you may be on the fence about whether or not to register. We understand! You probably have questions. We wanted to lay it all out there for you so you can make an informed decision about whether or not our College Application Workshop is a good fit for your student and family.

What happens without support and focus?

  • Dates creep up fast – Applications open August 1st. College application deadlines come as early as October with many in early November and December. Financial aid/scholarship deadlines may be different (some are earlier).
  • Your family doesn’t have a task list. How will you really know what to do…and when?
  • You don’t have an expert support person to ask questions. Parents often expect more support and guidance for every step from their school and later discover that isn’t the reality. (Ask the parent of an older child.)
  • Increased unnecessary stress. That lack of knowledge (what do we need to do?) and a lack of time (fall is busy!) are the drivers of that stress.
  • Senior year can be full of burdens/tasks instead of joy. Your student will want to be as carefree as possible in the fall.
  • Procrastination is a struggle for many—especially when students go off to college and get new freedom. Teach them the value of not procrastinating now.
  • Students can view the college process as a huge and daunting challenge. There is incredible power in an “early win” (say, finishing essay in July) and in “momentum” (crossing off one task per week).

Keep reading to find “your” family’s section(s). We’ve met so many families over the years, and through their experiences, we have noted some key ideas that might resonate with you.

Are you a busy family (fall sports/activities, multiple children, busy parents with home/work)?

  • You can get a jump on the tasks this summer, giving you a longer timeline.
  • If your student takes one of the first workshops in June, you will have 11 extra weeks (approx.) before school starts to chip away at tasks.
  • If you wait until school starts, your first deadline could be 7 or 8 weeks away. Your busy schedules (including school assignments) will be competing for attention.

Are you the parent of an older child who has been through this process before? Consider:

  • All kids are different – motivation, field of study/career plan, personality. The needs of each will vary.
  • Admission details have changed – test optional, admissions strategies, scholarships, college visits. Can you do the legwork to get up to speed? Of course, but it will take time.
  • Is your child willing to partner with you or will a third party be helpful?

Are you the parent of a teen who is hard to motivate?

  • We understand! We are parents, too.
  • A third party is so valuable in these situations. Parents don’t have to nag.
  • We built in support and encouragement in our information delivery and ongoing engagement.

Are you a first time rising senior parent who is just clueless about this process? 😉 (We all were at one time!)

  • We have a team of experts (including an expert in essay writing) to support both you and your student.
  • Get information early in our workshop, giving you more time to get up to speed.
  • We’ll pull back the curtain so you really understand the process.

Are you a parent who relies on the advice of your friends?

  • We are too! However, your friends and their children are unique people. Their college prep experiences and expectations were formed through their own personal lens.
  • They may not have encountered situation A or B or C. Their guidance may be helpful, but the scope is limited. These details and decisions are important.
  • Add in a college admission landscape that is still changing, even as we type this! Your friends with recent graduates aren’t likely to keep up on the details that have changed since they went through the process.
  • We’re not saying not to listen to friends! We suggest supplementing what they share with our support.

Our children are smart kids, and so are all of you!

Your family could figure all of this out, but you would largely do it on your own, having to figure out all you need, using up your valuable time and energy, and having so many questions to answer on your own. And if you’re like us, you’d worry that you missed something big that you just never stumbled across.

We know you want to help your student showcase their talents in the best way. You want them to be able to navigate the path to their best options. We want your family to feel confident, prepared and supported. Please consider letting our team of experts help with this step.

Give us a call at (614) 404-0646 or send us an email at if you have questions about the workshop. We are happy to chat (no sales pressure…we want the best fit for your family!).

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