When is your kiddo “in the groove?” Self Knowledge and Career Thinking

For us, it is when we are serving students and families. That’s probably not a shock to our readers. (I hope it isn’t a surprise!) Our focus is always firmly on our educational programming, Private Consultations, and career work with Guided Self Assessment….all in an effort to help families.

We know that parents and students are feeling the pinch of pressure behind all their decisions. As parents, we all want to find the best solutions for our children.

Seniors are making their final college choices soon. Juniors are starting the college search process in earnest. Sophomores are ready to think about their futures in greater depth and make choices along the way to help them explore their path.

What do all three of these groups need?

A strong foundational knowledge of themselves and the possible careers ahead of them. Every single day for since 2012, we have been proud to be an important thinking partner for these students with Guided Self Assessment.

Each time a parent tells us about a weight that has been lifted or when a student tells us that it was worth every minute and that it was a “wonderful,” “helpful,” and “enjoyable” experience, we couldn’t be more thrilled.

Doing this work is my team’s “why”…our “groove.” Guided Self Assessment gets “at the core” of what is important to your child, what lights them up, teaching them how to do this thinking now and in the future….and that knowledge and that skill makes all the other “stuff” so much easier.

If you are feeling uncertain about the “why” behind your student’s plans for college and career or want a surer footing for them, take 30 minutes to hear about the process and see if it will be a fit for your family.

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