Searching for a college

Sometimes searching for a college can have one “major” barrier

Searching for a college that fits your student has many criteria. However, how can you choose a college if you are not sure about what your major is? Sure, colleges will gladly accept a student who is exploring and undecided, and that choice may be right for some. (Read more about our thoughts and suggestions surrounding entering college undecided.) But…

Recently, we got to speak with the parent of a senior who was really struggling with their college selection because they had no idea what major to pursue. What if they decided to major in something that the college did not offer? How could they evaluate the strength of the college’s program if they didn’t know what that program might be? How can they avoid the danger of taking 5, 6, or more years to graduate?!

We discussed how Guided Self Assessment can help this student and break down the roadblocks – and get to a spot of making choices with confidence and clarity.

Junior parents, now is the ideal time for your teen to do this deep thinking. Avoid getting in a jam a year from now. Plus, doing this thinking now gives your student a longer runway to explore the options we will discover during the process. There are so many things they can do this year to engage.

Searching for a college with a major in mind is important to finishing in four years in a program that will support your student well. Here are some articles about college major and the college search:

You can read a bit more about Guided Self Assessment in this blog post and on this web page. Interested in hearing more? Register for a free 30-minute virtual family meeting to learn all about it and get your questions answered.

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