Gain Career Experience in High School with Career-Tech

Career-tech is all “the rage” Yep, we know. Did you see the article in the Dispatch? Businesses are hungry for skilled employees. Career-tech education can fill those needs.

Years ago I learned something valuable – a message I’ve been spreading ever since. Career-tech today is NOT the same as vo-tech when I went to school. (You may have heard me say this before. This message is that important.)

For years here in Ohio, I have been working with Tolles Career and Technical Center and the Delaware Area Career Center, and recently, I’m learning more about Cincinnati’s amazing Great Oaks Career Campuses. I am compelled to share the value of career-tech for COLLEGE-BOUND students!

Career-tech Today

Career-tech today offers really high-tech, hands on experiences students can’t get in their high school. Think of the classes as super-electives that live in a building other than your home HS. Programs like Zoo School, engineering, IT, bioscience, pharmacy, dentistry, digital design, and many more are revolutionizing the experiential learning available to our kids while they are in HS.

Fast forward just a bit…can you imagine the college application of a student applying to an engineering program who can talk about the robots they built and programmed and the manufacturing internship they had while in HS? Admissions officials will take notice and know this is a student committed to their selected major/targeted career.

Parents of 6th to 10th graders, you can take advantage of free coffee chats throughout the year with representatives from area career-tech schools.

Spending a bit of time now to hear about available programs helps you plan your student’s schedule in the future! Click here for our Event list.

School districts:

  • The Delaware Area Career Center serves Olentangy, Buckeye Valley, Big Walnut, Delaware, Westerville, and Worthington.
  • Tolles Career and Technical Center serves Dublin, Fairbanks, Hilliard, Jonathan Alder, London, Madison‐Plains, & West Jefferson school districts.
  • Great Oaks Career Campuses serves 36 different school districts in the Cincinnati area.


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