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The Biggest College Prep Decision You Can Make

You are not alone. Every year, millions of families go through the process of navigating high school and moving toward college. Most families fall in one of two camps: feeling behind, surprised, and fearful or feeling equipped, empowered, and ready. The biggest college prep decision you can make? Will you get educated and ready or will you put your head in the sand? We get it!

It’s easy to want to wish it away or recoil in fear at the effort involved. Don’t. It’s coming, and the “not knowing” is so much worse than just getting started.

There is a lot to know. ACT. SAT. What to do during each year of high school. Selecting courses – AP, honors, career academies. Visiting colleges and college fairs. College applications. Extracurriculars. Jobs. Scholarships.

What should you do?

As you connect with trusted resources (yep, we suggest you connect with several!), look for genuine support and reliable information. Beware of guarantees regarding admissions and test scores. Take advantage of our popular, free resources:

For years, we’ve supported families on this journey.

One of the most effective tools we offer are Private Consultations–one hour where your questions and situation drive the discussion. (Private Consultations for senior families are 90 minutes.) Ask what’s on your mind, and we will bring up some things you didn’t even consider. It’s a giant booster shot of the information you need. It’s hard to explain how impactful these sessions are for families….no more pretending it’s not happening.

What about your school counselor? Can you visit with him or her? YES! They are amazing resources, and you should engage with all that they offer. However, remember that they have a wide range of responsibilities and (typically) a surprisingly high number of students to serve. Most families need additional access to additional resources as they work through the high school years.

So, what else should you connect with? We have a series of educational webinars that you’ll want to check out. We also have a college-bound video library you can check out.

We think about this every day.

Don’t fall in that “fearful and uninformed” category. We see it every year. Being uninformed creates many issues late in high school, none of which are very pretty. Carve out some time now in whatever way works best for you. Gain some knowledge about the process, and you will have made the single best college prep decision—to be informed.



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