High School Clubs

High School Clubs: A Joyful Diversion

We often say that a student’s most useful experiences come when they are NOT sitting behind a desk. High school clubs are one of those joyful diversions that brighten your student’s day.

We want to encourage high school students to find a club because they WANT to, because they have an INTEREST in it, and NOT for resume-building.

In our team’s work with high school students, it’s often an activity outside of school that really lights them up. It might be guitar lessons, a sport, work…or the activities of a club that allows them to do something they enjoy and are interested in.

Some clubs are tied to local, national, or international issues that might be on the student’s mind. Some are purely fun. (Hello, ukulele club?! How about cheese club?) Some have a competitive element. Some are altruistic.

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Extra cool?

When students choose a club, they are joining a group of like-minded fellow students. They can connect over a shared interest like ping pong or social issues. In their classes, it is different. They are in class with their peers, but they might not share interests.

Clubs allow a natural connection across grade levels. Younger students can watch their older peers and model the behavior they’ll grow into, and most clubs offer the opportunity for all members to step up and lead when they are ready. Clubs do all of this.

High school clubs are a valuable piece of your student’s experience. Encourage your student to choose one (or several)!

Not sure what clubs your high school offers?

Try out the search on your high school’s website. A search of Dublin Coffman found this list. Mason High School? Here you go. One more…Olentangy High School. Take a moment to find yours. Students can explore their own school’s list and often can create a new club if they have the motivation. Give it a try!


Updated 10/2023

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