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Which One of These Sounds Like Your Child?

With each Guided Self Assessment, our team of expert professionals gets the chance to make personal connections with a variety of teens. Each collaboration is unique and special; however, we find that many teens fit into some general categories. Does your child match any of these?

1) Some teens are simply multi-talented and can do anything.

They may have a wide variety of interests and are always trying new things. We find that when students enjoy and are good at lots of different things, they can find it really difficult to narrow down and focus on a few key areas to explore. Having an expert to talk through their skills, interests, and values in a guided way is key to finding answers and a direction to work they’ll love.

2) Most teens admit knowing very little about real careers, and that means they struggle to connect to the possibilities available to them.

They may be so focused on their schoolwork, a sport, a part time job, their friends, etc. that it might be hard to get them to pause and think about their future. They have never thought much about their traits, values, struggles, or lifestyle goals. Working with a professional carves out space to start thinking about life after high school in a structured, meaningful way.

3) Often, teens can have a deep and singular interest that, at first glance, limits their career thinking.

Members of the band think they need to be music teachers. Athletes identify physical therapy as the best career for them. These definitely are great ideas, but we have had the pleasure of opening the eyes of teens to the wide range of careers available that not only align with their interest but also fit who they are (skills, etc.). We help them look beyond.

4) Sometimes, students don’t enjoy their standard high school classes and don’t see a pathway to work (and more learning) that they will love.

Let’s face it. Sitting behind a desk all day can be dull. Students are left wondering if college will be more of the same–especially if they can’t see a goal (specific career) at the end of the journey. We have seen teens become inspired by the career ideas discovered when they have the luxury of time to think and talk about themselves while working one-on-one with one of our experts.

For any of these types of students (and so many more), Guided Self Assessment can be like shining a flashlight into a dark room.

They get the chance to dedicate time to thinking about their skills, interests, traits, values, struggles, or lifestyle goals in a personalized collaboration with a professional chosen just for them.

Did any of these thoughts resonate with you when thinking about your teen?

Right now, take a quick look at Guided Self Assessment (grades 10 & up). It could be exactly the help your teen needs to be able to navigate this path!

Our team of professionals (career advisors, school counselors, education professionals) are experts at this work guiding students through this in-depth process. Guided Self Assessment is powerful, personal (all one-on-one work), and just plain critical for many teens.

You can learn more about Guided Self Assessment by scheduling a free 30-minute meeting, and we’ll share how it works. This meeting is not a sales pitch. We’ve learned that sharing the details about Guided Self Assessment is so important for families to understand the unique and powerful process and decide if it can be a fit.

Not ready to schedule an appointment to learn more? Please reach out with questions via email or give us a call at (614) 404-0646. We’d be happy to chat!


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