parents need support

We parents need support, too!

We work so hard to help you help your kids. But all of us parents are humans churning with emotions and goals and feelings during our kids’ young adult years. Sometimes I think wine was created by the parent of a teenager. All of this focus on our children can take a toll. Parents need support, too.

We thought it was important to take a moment and NOT write about things we can be doing for our kids. Instead, we are just having a little indulgent and self-reflective detour for just us.

At The Core works everyday to assist families with the process of going through high school, to college, to career, and beyond. We see the emotional impact of that process! We’re parents too. We have kiddos in high school and that have gone off to college. We totally get it.

We bet you feel the whole spectrum that we do as parents. Pride in accomplishments. Joy in celebrating a milestone. Anxiety as we realize the clock is ticking and the days are flying by.

Take care of you

We found this excellent parenting article—“Your Needs Matter: It’s Okay to Take a Turn.” To preserve the success of your family unit, it is critical to make sure you are meeting your needs. As it says in the article, you are a better parent, and your children will be better parents, too. Try not to strive for perfection. Take the time to read that piece — lots of great tips there!

Thinking it through

You don’t need to dread this time of change. Yes, your child will eventual move past the “little kid living under your roof” phase. As they grow and change, your life and outlook can also grow and change. Talk to parents of older kids to hear their take on this phase of life.

Explore what your new role will be. They may go off to college and then on to a career, but they will always be your children. They will always need you. Define your time together. What will that look like? What goals can you set together with your young adult?

What can you do less of? These thoughts might be more exciting. Less laundry. Less cooking. Less taxiing. Your expanding “free” time can lead to a whole new world of opportunities. We can find the time for things that light us up inside.

At the end of the day

From the very first moments of their lives, we have worked toward this goal…when our baby birds fly from the nest. They can do this because of your guidance, your love and your support. It’s a good thing that they don’t need us (as much) anymore.

Take the time to honor that and to know you are doing a great job! And if you are still on that road, you haven’t reached the point where your child is leaving home yet, embrace each phase of the experience. You are a rock star, and we are cheering you on every step of the way!

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