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Overcoming our Parental Fears for our Child’s Future

What if our child gets sick? Or hurt? Or lost? Thinking of these situations makes my heart race—always has, always will. I talk to a lot of parents. When we set aside these most primal of parental fears for a moment, another layer of fears emerges–fear for the future. Do you struggle with these fears, too?

What if…

  • My child can’t find a job after college?
  • My child starts college and can’t connect with why he’s there?
  • It takes her six years to graduate?

These parental fears are not on the same level as getting sick, hurt, or lost, but they are real and palpable as our kids move from middle school into and through high school.

Ugh. Right? Like you, I want my kids to be happy, find work they’ll enjoy, and be independent.

What I’ve learned…

Through our work at At The Core, I’ve learned that students want a direction. They want a vision of the adult world they’ll enter (soon) and where/how they’ll fit in.

How will they gain this confidence in their direction?

It’s really kind of silly to think they’ll lift up their heads at the end of high school and just magically know, but we all secretly hope for that! The reality is that our kids can feel some stress when they don’t have a good answer to the question about what they want to do or be for a living. This is stress that can be alleviated.

How can we ease this worry for parents and students?

Kids need to identify and claim their strongest traits, interests, values, and preferences. That foundational insight yields many clues about career options and educational plans. And, often this consideration is best done with a thinking partner that’s not Mom or Dad.

We created Guided Self Assessment as an engaged and sustained program to work with each student as they work on this thinking and supports them as they begin to research careers. Through a series of private, one-on-one conversations between the student and the trained At The Core facilitator, your student is given the gift of time and attention to work towards their own self-knowledge.

Guided Self Assessment allows them to lift their head up from the daily tasks of school work, extracurriculars, and family life to take an important moment to think about themselves—thinking that will pave the way for a more confident future.

To fully understand the Guided Self Assessment process (there is so much more than the thinking!), please schedule a FREE 30-minute family meeting to see how the process works and view a sample report. These meetings are purely informative and not gross or salesy. We won’t even let students sign up until after your family gets to process all we’ve discussed.

Do what you can to alleviate these parental fears about the future. Please take 30-minutes to find out more.

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