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10 Ways Gifted Academically Talented Students Can Benefit From Speed Reading

Bonnie James is the founder and president of Advanced Reading Concepts Speed Reading Plus™. We are thrilled to be sharing her blog post with our At The Core family. Their speed reading courses and seminars give their participants reading speed, comprehension and concentration skills along with the confidence to succeed at work, in school, on tests and in life.


Some parents think that as long as their kids get good grades, they don’t need to enroll them in something extra and will only do so as a punishment if their grades slip. This is backwards. Better: Reward Them for their A’s with Advanced Reading Concepts Speed Reading Plus as an investment in a lifetime of successes.

10 Ways Gifted/A+ Students Can Benefit From Speed Reading:

1. If classes have always been easy, they won’t know how to handle the frustration of something challenging. A Speed Reading course will challenge them, and they will meet the next challenge with confidence and success, prepared to excel in the new challenges of college and life.

2. With speed reading they can go from getting a small scholarship to an average school to getting a bigger one to a top-notch school.

3. A’s in high school are one thing; achieving A’s in college to obtain advanced degrees such as in medical or law school are another. Speed Reading will give them the extra skills to succeed.

4. Bright people are often bored when they read as their reading speed does not keep up with their active minds. Speed readers can match their reading speed with their thinking speed. They will learn to love reading more–and then they will always read more and learn more.

5. Many straight A conscientious students spend an enormous amount of time keeping those grades up. This requires giving up other things—personal time, activities and rest. Scholarship givers look at activities and ACT scores as well as grades.

6. Sometimes what they give up is sleep. Studies have been done on the harmful effects of teens not getting enough sleep. Speed Reading gives them time to do it all.

7. Exclusive schools such as Princeton only take students who were the top rated in their schools. Many of these student feel discouraged to find that they are now simply average when compared to the others in their classes. Speed Reading will give them the superior skills and confidence to rise to the top in these highly competitive environments.

8. Perfectionists who slow down on a standardized test, try too hard to be perfect, or overthink the questions often do not get through the exam or change correct answers to wrong answers. This keeps their test scores from reflecting their true capabilities. The trust building and comprehension strategies of the speed reading course raise their scores.

9. Top executives and scientists and several United States Presidents have taken speed reading courses because they knew they will always need to be informed in the most efficient way possible. So the gifted students will also benefit.

10. AND—encourage them to do this now before you lose the chance to get your kids to do something you want them to do! And if you have a student who isn’t making A’s, this course will make all the difference!

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