ALL DISTRICT Looking Ahead™: Planning for Success in High School and Beyond WEBINAR (Grade 8)

8th grade parents, you have been invited to attend a unique, valuable, and free webinar to support your student as they transition to high school. Each year this presentation is wildly popular. You won't want to miss it! Beth Probst, founder and CEO of At The Core, has crafted a presentation of tips and tools to help you prepare your student for high school and the road ahead.


High School Scheduling: A Deep Dive Into the Options WEBINAR (Grades 8-11)

High school scheduling is around the corner. Students often aren’t aware or don’t fully understand the myriad of options available to them. As a parent, you want to provide them with good advice about their choices. You have questions: How can you support your child? (With knowledge! We can help.); What are all the options available? (There are more than you might think.); How do colleges view the classes your child takes?; How can you help your child achieve balance between their school life and everything else? Join our deep dive webinar to learn more.


The College Planning Guide for 8-10th Graders – Huntington Learning Center, Lewis Center, OH

Huntington Learning Center 83 Neverland Drive, Lewis Center, OH

You have been invited to a unique, valuable, and FREE program to support your student as they prepare for college. Beth Probst, founder and CEO of At The Core, and Maureen Wagner, Executive Director of the Huntington Learning Center, have crafted a program of tips and tools to share with you to help your student prepare for the journey to college and beyond including tips on how to prepare for the ACT/SAT exams. We will discuss practical, invaluable topics that will help any family plan effectively! Seating is limited.


Virtual Scholarship Party for High School Seniors

At this point, our high school seniors are "so over it!" They don't want to write one more essay or fill out one more application. And yet, we need them to apply for private scholarships in order to save money. What's a parent to do? How do you motivate them? We get it. We're parents, too. Sign your student up for our Virtual Scholarship Party. You bring the snacks, and we'll bring the party. We'll cover the scholarship process, how to find scholarships that fit your student, and get started applying. Getting started is often the hardest part! Join us for the unique interactive event.


What Parents Need to Know About College Credit Plus WEBINAR (Grades 7-11)

We field MANY questions about College Credit Plus, Ohio’s dual enrollment program. Let us help you get up to speed on how it works with our FREE webinar. As parents ourselves, we know firsthand that the choices our kids have during high school are complex. Take the time NOW to really get clear on College Credit Plus.


ACT/SAT/PSAT: The Ultimate Family Planning Guide™ WEBINAR (Grades 7-11)

Testing! ACT, SAT, PSAT, cancelled exams, test optional movement, merit scholarships…testing is BY FAR the one topic we field the most questions about. Testing causes unnecessary stress not only for the student, but also for the parent. With a plan in hand and knowledge on your side, you can reduce that stress and be ready for what’s ahead! Join Beth Probst, founder and CEO of At The Core, as she takes a deep dive into college entrance exams.


The College Planning Guide for 8-10th Graders WEBINAR

You have been invited to a unique, valuable and FREE webinar to support your student as they prepare for college. Beth Probst, founder and CEO of At The Core, has crafted a webinar of tips and tools to share with you to help your student prepare for the journey to college and beyond. We will discuss practical, invaluable tips that will help any family plan effectively! Topics will include: what colleges are looking for in their applicants, the application process, what students should consider when choosing high school courses (AP, IB, Dual Enrollment), preparing for the ACT/SAT exams, how to choose a major, what families can be doing now to prepare, and so much more!


College Research: Conducting an Effective Search with Online Tools™ WEBINAR (Grades 8-11)

Making a list of "just right" colleges to apply to can be overwhelming. Have you ever gotten lost on the internet trying to research schools? What are the selection criteria you need to be thinking about? How does your choice of major impact your search? How can you keep your family's budget in mind when doing the search? Don’t waste time wandering the internet looking for college info. Let Beth Probst, founder and CEO of At The Core, share tips with you and your student in this valuable training demonstration.


Smart Money Moves for the College-Bound™ (Grades 6 & up)

Joe Messinger, CFP®, of Capstone Wealth Partners is passionate about empowering families to become informed consumers of higher education so that they don’t pay a penny more for college than they absolutely have to. He works with families to help demystify the college funding process and is widely recognized as an expert in college planning.


Why Go to College? Career/Major Thinking for Teens™ WEBINAR (Grades 8-12)

Why does anyone go to college? We often hear "to get a better job." However, so many teens embark on the college search process without taking time to consider careers and majors--the two things that should be driving the process. What do you need to know right now, while your teen is still in high school? There are steps parents can take to help their teens with career and major decisions which are right around the corner. Webinar topics include: how can a student really learn about CAREERS and tie them to college MAJORS, tips we can share from our work with teens and families, what employers and colleges have to say about making a successful transition to the working world, resources and tools your family may value, and more.


Extracurriculars: Supporting Your Teen’s Growth Outside of School™ WEBINAR (Grades 8-11)

When parents are looking for that "secret sauce" for college applications, they often have questions about extracurriculars. How many do we need? Are some better than others? What are colleges looking for? (By the way, there is no "secret sauce"-just a well-laid plan that fits your child.) This webinar answers those questions and also goes deeper into how time spent in extracurricular activities can fuel your child's personal, academic, mental, and social development. Our webinar will include valuable insight into: types of extracurriculars, why engage in them, how time spent in these activities will support growth, what colleges are looking for, finding a good fit for extracurriculars, developing "leadership", and more.