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Choosing a College Major

The problems with passion and online assessments As parents of today’s college-bound kids, we can feel…behind. We have so much to do to support our kids well: SAT/ACT, summer experiences, jobs, extra-curriculars, homework, tests, and on and on. Choosing a college major may not be high on our “to do” list. Every step moves your […]

Preparing for the ACT and SAT

Understanding college entrance exams, 6 tips you need to know, and a story about ice cream. Of all the topics At The Core talks about with college-bound families, test taking (preparing for the ACT and SAT) usually tops the list as a hot button topic. Parents want to know how their student should prepare for […]

Shopping for College Necessities

Facebook Mom Advice on What to Pack and What to Leave Behind One of our local Facebook mom groups had a very helpful discussion about shopping for college and the things you need to buy when you’re sending your freshman off to college. As always, their guidance and advice were invaluable. Here’s what they had […]