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College prep is so different today! We have webinars to help.

  • ACT/SAT testing
  • High School Choices
  • College Applications
  • Graduation Requirements
  • Paying for College
  • College Search & Visits
  • Foreign Language
  • AP/IB/Electives/Honors
  • Scholarships
  • Career Tech Education
  • Extracurriculars
  • Timelines/Deadlines

Make a game plan to tackle it all!

At The Core has crafted a variety of webinars to help your student prepare for the journey to college and beyond. We will discuss practical, invaluable tips that will help your family plan effectively.

Families need support

Let’s face it…our high school counselors are wonderful, but they can be overextended. We have tips they won’t share with you–with timing fit to your needs. Our webinars were created to bring needed information to families and be the TRUSTED RESOURCE you need.

Gain the knowledge you need to tackle the journey to college with CONFIDENCE AND CLARITY.

Find the program that supports your needs

The College Planning Guide for Grades 8-10
(Summer date for rising grades 8-10)

Parents and students need a foundation of knowledge to prepare them for the college process ahead. What do you need to know now? Our unique, valuable and FREE webinar will support your student as they prepare for college.

  • What colleges are looking for in their applicants
  • The application process
  • What students should consider when choosing high school courses (AP, IB, Dual Enrollment)
  • Preparing for the ACT/SAT exams
  • How to choose a major
  • What families can be doing now to prepare

This webinar was crafted specifically for grades 8 to 10. We will discuss practical, invaluable tips that will help any family plan effectively!

Our live event has passed, but you can watch a recording of the program by clicking here.

More fall events will be announced very soon.

planning for success in high school

Planning for high school
Parents of students entering 9th grade

High school is right around the corner. We created our FREE Looking Ahead: Planning for Success in High School program to focus on how to support your child in high school.

We’ll talk about a timeline of what you can expect each year in high school. How do you choose courses and what are the options available (like honors classes, AP classes, dual enrollment, etc.)? We’ll explore the value of pre-planning – keeping college prep and graduation requirements in mind. How about extracurriculars, achieving balance, support for our maturing students, ACT/SAT testing (a 10,000 foot level look to get that thinking started), and more!


Tuesday, July 27 – 7:00 to 8:30 pm ET

Smart Money Moves

Want a program that is all about college $$$?
Grades 6 & up

Be sure to catch the free Smart Money Moves for the College-Bound webinar presented by Capstone Wealth Partners.

Joe Messinger, CFP®, is passionate about empowering families to become informed consumers of higher education so that they don’t pay a penny more for college than they absolutely have to. He works with families to help demystify the college funding process and is widely recognized as an expert in college planning. He will answer parents biggest questions about college:

  • Where can we get into college?
  • Where can we get the most financial aid and scholarship money?
  • What strategies are available to me if I make too much money to qualify for financial aid?
  • What colleges can we afford based on our personal resources?

Wednesday, July 28 – 7:00 to 8:30 pm ET

College entrance exams

ACT/SAT/PSAT: The Ultimate Family Planning Guide
Rising Grades 7 – 11

Testing causes unnecessary stress not only for the student, but also for the parent. With a plan in hand and knowledge on your side, you can reduce that stress and be ready for what’s ahead!

How will you get your questions answered? We have TONS to share in this deep dive into college entrance exams. This webinar is perfect for families with students entering 7th-11th grade. This webinar will be extremely valuable to families who haven’t started testing yet, and need help with the who, what, when, where and why of testing. It will also be valuable to families with some experience but recognize there’s much they don’t know.

We encourage parents AND students to attend together—it’s a HUGE PLUS to have your child hear this info too. This testing webinar is one of our low-cost sessions, with a family ticket price of $24.

Thursday, July 29 – 7:00 to 8:30 pm ET

Class of 2022 – Senior Private Consultations

The college application season opens in a few short months (August 1st). Seniors have a lot on their plates. Your family needs the help, support, and information we deliver our Senior Private Consultations.

These 1-to-1 90-minuted personalized family meetings get families up to speed on the tasks ahead including:

  • Timelines/Deadlines/Staying organized
  • Editing the college list
  • Finding admissions details
  • Application process/The Common App
  • Personal/College Essays
  • Extracurriculars
  • Other senior year concerns

Click to read more and register for your private appointment with an At The Core expert

Heading to college

Why Go to College? Career/Major Thinking for Teens (Grades 8 & up)

Why does anyone go to college? We ask teens this question all the time. The answer they give us is “to get a better job.” However, so many teens embark on the college search process without taking time to consider careers and majors–the two things that should be driving the process if “a better job” is the goal.

Join At The Core Founder and CEO Beth Probst and Director of Career Management and Corporate Relations for The Ohio State University Fisher College of Business and At The Core facilitator Allison Jones for this FREE, lively, and thought-provoking discussion.

Topics include:

  • How can a student really learn about CAREERS and tie them to college MAJORS?
  • Tips we can share from our work with teens and families
  • What employers and colleges have to say about making a successful transition to the working world
  • Resources and tools your family may value
  • What do you need to know right now, while your teen is still in high school

Our live event has passed, but you can watch a recording on demand by clicking here.

Additional programming:

Coffee chats

College and Career Coffee Chats (Grades 6-10)

Today’s students have many paths to careers they will love. It’s a different landscape than when we were in high school. Learn how these “super elective” career-tech programs enhance your child’s portfolio of experiences for college and career in these free coffee chats. (Due to COVID-19, all coffee chats will be held virtually.)

Delaware Area Career Center
Serves Olentangy, Big Walnut, Buckeye Valley, Delaware, Westerville, and Worthington districts

Eastland-Fairfield Career & Technical Schools
Serves 16 school districts in Franklin, Fairfield, and Pickaway counties including Amanda-Clearcreek, Berne Union, Bloom-Carroll, Fairfield Union, Liberty Union-Thurston, Walnut Township, New Albany, Gahanna, Groveport, Pickerington, and Reynoldsburg.

Great Oaks Career Campuses
Serves 36 different school districts including Mason, Sycamore, Forest Hills, Loveland, Clinton Massie, Indian Hill, Wyoming, Fairfield, Miami Trace, Milford, Norwood, Princeton, and West Clermont.

Tolles Career and Technical Center
Serves Dublin, Fairbanks, Hilliard, Jefferson, Jonathan Alder, London, and Madison-Plains districts.

Future Success Start NOW: Educational Options Our Kids Can Leverage (Families grades 6-10)

This live event has passed; however, you can watch the recording of this insightful program on educational options available to students in high school on demand. Learn how to use the high school years to explore interests your student’s interests. Topics for the program include:

  • Exploration of the many hands-on learning opportunities
  • How these educational options tie to career experiences
  • Ways to earn college credit
  • Several examples of how the high school years can look
  • And much more!

Future Success Start NOW: Preparing Our Kids for the Working World (Families grades 7 & up)

This live event has passed; however, you can watch the recording about preparing for the working wold on demand.

Are students today prepared for life in the working world? We’ll discuss what steps we can take now to help prepare our children for life once formal schooling is over. Webinar topics include:

  • The hard and soft skills that employers look for
  • How to explore careers
  • How to know what a good career for a student might be
  • How to determine what kind of education, skills, and credentials are needed
    for a job.
Professional Future

From School to Work: Your Child’s Professional Future

In January 2020 (pre-COVID), the “underemployment” rate for recent college graduates was just over 40%. Four out of every ten grads were working in a job that didn’t require a degree! That’s not what we want for our children.

Today’s college students can’t merely keep their heads down, do well in their coursework, and expect to magically find a job in their desired field–especially if they only have a vague idea of what that field might be. Let’s spend 30 minutes during your lunch hour discussing the challenges, strategies, and solutions.

Our live event has passed, but you can watch a recording on demand by clicking here.

Extracurriculars: Supporting Your Teen’s Growth Outside of School

When parents are looking for that “secret sauce” for college applications, they often have questions about extracurriculars. How many do we need? Are some better than others? What are colleges looking for? (By the way, there is no “secret sauce”–just a well-laid plan that fits your child.)

Topics include:

  • Types of extracurriculars (including ideas you may not have thought of)
  • Why should a student engage in them
  • How will time spent in these activities support their growth?
  • What are colleges looking for?
  • What is meant by “finding a good fit” for extracurriculars?
  • Developing “leadership”
  • The impact of COVID-19

This FREE webinar will allow us to go deeper into how time spent in extracurricular activities can fuel your child’s growth in their personal, academic, mental, and social development.

Our live event has passed, but you can watch a recording on demand by clicking here.

College Credit Plus

What Do Parents Need to Know About College Credit Plus?
Ohio Parents – Grades 7 – 11

We field MANY questions about College Credit Plus, Ohio’s dual enrollment program. Let us help you get up to speed on how it works with our FREE webinar.

  • What is College Credit Plus exactly?!
  • How can I determine if it is right for my child?
  • How does it compare to Advanced Placement (AP) or International Baccalaureate (IB)?
  • What is the process if we decide to enroll in CCP?

As parents ourselves, we know firsthand that the choices our kids have during high school are complex. Take the time NOW to really get clear on College Credit Plus.

Our live event has passed, but you can watch a recording on demand by clicking here.

High School Scheduling

What do you need to know about high school scheduling?
Grades 8 – 11

Students often aren’t aware or don’t fully understand the myriad of options available to them. As a parent, you want to provide them with good advice about their choices. How will colleges view your choices? How can you achieve balance between school life and everything else? Join us as we crack open those course catalogs and open up the world of options available to your student. This low cost scheduling webinar ($24 family ticket) is intended for parents and students to watch together.

Topics will include: graduation requirements, defining the options (AP, IB, Dual Enrollment, foreign languages, honors, electives, academies, and more), details about each–pros and cons, how to choose for your child, planning out all four years, college credit for HS classes, and more.

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Junior Year

Junior Year: Get Ready, Get Set, Go!

You have a junior! As you enter the second half of your child’s junior year, those critical “college prep” tasks loom large, and you might feel lost, overwhelmed, or uncertain. We get it! You have so many questions. We built this program just for you!

Join us to get that boost of detailed information you need to understand and tackle the tasks ahead (and decrease your stress level)! In this low cost ($24 for a family ticket) 90-minute webinar, we’ll lay it all out for your family, and we’ll direct you to the resources you will value.

Topics include: tasks ahead, staying motivated as a family, high school considerations, college research, ACT/SAT, 504/IEP, college applications, COVID-19’s impact, personal development tips, careers/majors, paying for colleges, finishing the academic year strong, and more! (For a deeper dive into testing and college research, consider registering for our detailed webinars on those two subjects.)

Class of 2022…now is the time to consider a Senior Private Consultation instead to prepare for college applications.

Class of 2023…watch for our programming announcements later this summer.

college research

College Research: Conducting an Effective Search with Online Tools
Grades 8 – 11

Making a list of “just right” colleges to apply to can be overwhelming. Have you ever gotten lost on the internet trying to research schools? Don’t waste time wandering the internet looking for college info. Let Beth Probst share tips with you in this premium DEEP DIVE into college research (a family ticket costs $24). Plus, she’ll demonstrate her favorites and use the Q&A feature to answer all your questions.

Topics include:

  • how to make a college list
  • what are the selection criteria you need to be thinking about
  • how does your choice of major impact your search
  • how can you keep your family’s budget in mind when doing the search
  • How can you learn about colleges when in person visits aren’t possible because of COVID or other reasons?

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Virtual Scholarship Party for High School Seniors

Class of 2022…stay tuned for upcoming programming announcements. At some point, our high school seniors are “so over it!” They don’t want to write one more essay or fill out one more application. And yet, we need them to apply for private scholarships in order to save money. What’s a parent to do?

We get it. We’re parents, too. Sign your student up for our Virtual Scholarship Party. They bring the snacks, and we’ll bring the party.

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Legal rights

College student or college-bound? Know your legal rights and responsibilities

At The Core is thrilled to be hosting this FREE webinar with student lawyers, Albeit Weiker, LLP. Topics covered will include: academic integrity and misconduct, especially as the classroom environment changes due to COVID-19; code of conduct, including violations of new policies due to COVID-19 (mask wearing, group gatherings, etc.); alcohol and drug use; and sexual misconduct.

Join us for this enlightening discussion of what parents AND students need to know. If your student is already at college, send this information to them and have them join us.

Our live event date has passed. Click here to watch on demand.

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