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College prep is so different today! We have a variety of upcoming webinars to help.

Make a game plan with our upcoming webinars!

At The Core has crafted a variety of upcoming webinars of tips and tools to share with you to help your student prepare for the journey to college and beyond. We will discuss practical, invaluable tips that will help your family plan effectively.

Families need support

Let’s face it…our high school counselors are wonderful, but they can be overextended. We have tips they won’t share with you–with timing fit to your needs. Our webinars were created to bring needed information to families and be the TRUSTED RESOURCE you need.

Gain the knowledge you need to tackle the journey to college with CONFIDENCE AND CLARITY.

Find the program that supports your needs (click the program title to learn more about it):

RISING Grades 8-11…Don’t miss Tips for the College-Bound!

Tips for the College-Bound was created to cover all you need to know to prepare for the journey ahead including: ACT/SAT, high school course choices (AP, IB, dual enrollment, electives, honors, career-tech, etc.), finding a college, choosing a major, the college application process, and much more.

Two FREE dates this summer: June 17 and July 28 (both at 7:30 pm EST)

8th grade/rising freshmen parents…

High school is right around the corner. We created our FREE Looking Ahead: Planning for Success in High School program to focus on how to support your child in high school. What are all these new course choices? How to know which are right for my child? What will the path ahead look like? What do they need to graduate? Do we need to be thinking about ACT/SAT tests?

Click to register for our FREE webinar on July 20 at 7:30 pm EST.

Want a program that is all about college $$$?

Be sure to catch our FREE Smart Money Moves for the College-Bound webinar (ideal for grades 6 & up). Where can your child afford to go to college? What about financial aid and scholarships? What do you do if you make too much money to qualify for financial aid?

Click to register for our next FREE Smart Money Moves for the College-Bound webinar on July 29 at 7:00 pm.

Class of 2021…Application season is coming

The Class of 2021 will experience a college application season like no other. COVID-19 has caused disruption to many of the moving parts of college planning–ACT/SAT plans, on-campus visits, test optional policies at colleges, and more. The college application season opens August 1st. Now more than ever, students need help. Students get started on the application and learn how to complete it. An experienced essay instructor (PhD; taught at OSU) will guide the students through tips and thinking and get them started on the essay. Plus, the workshop touches on all the other parts students need to be thinking about and gets them organized so they hit the ground running.

Click to read more and register for one of our June classes (6/11, 6/16, 6/18, or 6/27)

What do parents need to know about College Credit Plus?

Ohio parents (grades 7-11): Do you understand all the ins and outs of College Credit Plus? Did you know your student can take classes during the summer? We field MANY questions about CCP, and frankly, there’s a lot of misinformation and partially correct information floating around. Let’s fix that!

Click to watch the replay of our FREE What Parents Need to Know About College Credit Plus webinar.

Making a college list with online tools

Have you ever gotten lost in the various college research tools out there on the internet? Do you know the best sites that you can use to start an effective search? Don’t waste time wandering the internet looking for college info. Let Beth Probst share tips with you in this premium training demonstration. Plus, she’ll use the Q&A feature to answer all your questions.

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