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Top 8 Reasons You Need Our College Planning Workshop

At The Core has shared our college planning workshop, Tips for the College-Bound™,  with thousands of families since 2014. Why? Parents told us that they needed information from a trusted resource to guide them through high school and on to college. We knew we could help so we bottled up all we could share into one program built for families like yours. No-brainer, right? Now, it’s your turn to attend!

What does the Tips program cover?

ACT/SAT testing, high school courses, summer planning, making the most of high school, college visits, college applications, what colleges look for, how to find the right fit, choosing a major, how to pay for it, timelines/deadlines, being prepared for careers, current trends in college admissions, and more!

Top 8 reasons you need Tips for the College-Bound™

1) You are smart. But you know things are different today…just not HOW they are different. You need to understand the process and the options so you can support your kids!

2) Investing $79 (price of family ticket) can save you thousands later. After Tips, you will feel equipped and ready. Without Tips, you can feel “behind” and vulnerable to the pitch of a very expensive college planning solution. Ugh, who wants that?

3) Although all of our friends are awesome and have great information, you may not get a full picture if you rely on passing conversations over a lunch or a Bunco game—this isn’t a reliable strategy for a comprehensive plan. Tips will cover it all.

4) We’re witnessing rapidly changing times in the world of high school and college prep. It requires up-to-date knowledge. We live this. We stay informed to be able to share it all with you.

5) You are capable of guiding your kids well, but some kids “need to hear it from someone else” before they’ll believe it. ?

6) Could you independently research, absorb, and share all we cover in Tips? Sure, given enough time you could. (We just said you were smart in #1, right?) But, why would you? Time is your most precious resource!

7) Similarly, no one at your kids’ school will spend three hours sharing all of this with you. (Ok, there are a few exceptions, but this is true for the vast majority!) Our school counselors are AWESOME, but they have a lot of kids to serve and a lot of different responsibilities.

8) You’ll hear the questions that others have. We’ve all been in a group program where someone asks a great question that you would have never even known to ask. That’s a big benefit to attending Tips with other families.

Why do past attendees think you should attend?

  • Tips…“helped us and (our students) to understand the process of the college search.”
  • It…“motivated (our students) to get involved in discussions about their futures and understand the importance of these next couple of years.”
  • “Beth is chock-full full of info. Highly recommend.”
  • “Basically, if you have a college-bound teen, RUN don’t walk.”
  • “These workshops are jam-packed with college info you need to know.”
  • “Frankly, I didn’t know what I didn’t know before attending these.”
  • “I’m feeling much more confident about helping our sophomore after attending this session. So many questions answered and tips given!”

Ready to get your seats? Visit our Tips for the College-Bound™ webpage to see your options in Columbus and Cincinnati! (Can’t attend any but still need the information? Then schedule a Family Private Consultation today.)

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